Basement Remodel

A basement remodel helps transform unusable space into a den, game room, or ultimate craft space. If you have a finished basement that has seen better days, then we can help you give it an update. Basements can be challenging when it comes to design because often, you must remove sources of moisture or water first. We can do anything necessary to get your basement ready for the transformation. Our services include major and minor construction. Here are a few ideas for transforming your basement into a place you will enjoy.

Get Rid of the Paneling

In the 1960s and 1970s, the trend was for putting paneling everywhere. It was a popular material for basements because it was easy to install and cheap. Unfortunately, many homes are still stuck with these throwbacks to decades past. Paneling makes basements look dark and cave-like. Now, interior trends support a more contemporary look with lighting that brightens the area and makes the space that feels more cheerful. Replacing the paneling with drywall and a fresh coat of paint in a light color will make it feel like new.

Entertainment Room

A basement is a perfect place for a new entertainment room. You can have us install your big screen TV or create a place for your game table. A gas fireplace can make it into a warm and cozy space. We can help you install the ultimate sound system and make it into a space that creates a private getaway. We can add a bar or a small counter with a cooktop for preparing a few snacks for your guests.

Perfect Space for Hobbies

Are you a person who seems to have hobbies that take over the house? Does your storage space seem to overflow into other parts of the home because of them? If you can answer yes to both these questions, the good news is that you are not alone. More good news is that Illinois Remodeling can help. We can help you design a space that is perfect for your hobbies, whatever they may be. Whether you need a space for your woodworking tools or your collection of quilting fabrics, we can help you design a storage space that is functional and that gives them their own place to live in your home.

If you have a basement that is finished and needs an update or one that is unfinished, then you are not realizing the full potential of your home. Using your basement can help you free other areas of your home for other activities. A basement is like a blank canvas that is perfect for custom storage solutions or anything you want it to be. We can help you reimagine the space and transform it into an extension of your home for activities and fun. Illinois Remodeling can help with your basement remodel, so contact us, and our team will help you explore the possibilities of what your space could be.

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