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The Village of Park Ridge is located 15 miles northwest of Chicago and has been an active settlement since the 1830s. The town was perfectly located to be a stop for French explorers as they headed west. Soon after settlement, it was discovered that this area had a significant amount of clay in the soil, making it a perfect place to create a brickwork company. Today, Park Ridge remains a thriving community that has historic charm and modern amenities.


Illinois Remodel Provides Interior Remodeling Services To Park Ridge Residents

For many years Illinois Remodel has been providing interior remodeling services to the residents of Park Ridge. We are a fully licensed and insured contractor that specializes in interior remodeling. We offer all types of renovation services, from replacing flooring to complete basement finishing. We can refresh your fireplace areas, change your walls, and even create new areas within your home.


Yes, You Can Turn Your Kitchen Into A Gourmet Masterpiece

The kitchen area is often thought of as the center of the home. It is the most used room, and it is also the room that is frequently refurbished. If you would like to remodel your kitchen and turn it into your dream kitchen, call Illinois Remodel.

We can install custom cabinets designed specifically for your needs. We can add marble or stone countertops that are breathtakingly beautiful and easy to clean. We can change the flooring and even the walls if you desire. Whatever you want in a kitchen design, we can make it happen.

Our services are not limited to just the kitchen. We can change any room in your home. We can finish basements, change bedrooms, and updated bathrooms. If you have a room you want to redo, Illinois Remodel can do the job.


We Remodel Offices As Well

Businesses will be pleased to know that Illinois Remodel also offers office remodeling services. The needs of businesses change with time, and your office needs to continually fill those needs. If you have been in your office space for a while and need a refresh or found a great location but are not impressed with the office area, call Illinois Remodel. We can create the perfect office spaces for your company.


Call Today To Join A Long List Of Satisfied Customers

Illinois Remodel is proud to say that we believe in 100 percent satisfaction. Our highly skilled staff and dedication to craftsmanship have allowed us to offer this guarantee.

All of our work comes with a five-year warranty. This provides our clients with an extra layer of protection and satisfaction with our services. We offer reasonable prices and a quick turnaround on our service. If you are ready to make changes to your home, call Illinois Remodel today.

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